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THRUST/CUT is a short prototype for a physics-based dexterity puzzle game made for speedrunning.  It was  made by a one-man team in 48 hours during the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam. The theme was "Dual Purpose Design".

In THRUST/CUT you are a flying disc in in 2D space, with a need to cut red ropes.

Cutting black ropes will break a heart. Break 4 hearts and it's GAME OVER.

I recommend you play through the game multiple times to get the fastest time of completion (It only takes a minute or two!).

Dual Purpose Design:

In THRUST/CUT holding the space bar enables THRUST/CUT mode. This enables movement and makes any collisions with ropes cause them to be cut. 

This mechanic is used to encourage the player to be deliberate about their movements as taking control makes them a hazard to ropes in their vicinity. However, high level play where a short completion time is desirable rewards risk taking, such as enabling bursts of movement close to ropes or enabling THRUST/CUT while over a rope.

In addition the main UI elements are dual purpose, conveying intermittent messages to the player.


SPACE - enable THRUST/CUT mode.

While in THRUST/CUT mode you can move with ARROW KEYS.

Any ropes hit while in this mode will be cut.

ESC - quit game.


You will keep your movement momentum when THRUST/CUT mode is disabled.

Enabling THRUST/CUT mode will only cut ropes if you collide with them. If you are already on top of a rope it will not be cut if you enable THRUST/CUT while in that position.

Tools Used:

Unity 5.6.1f1

Adobe Photoshop CC

Source is available on github:


Install instructions


- Download (64-bit version is recommended if you have a 64-bit system, if in doubt, download "thrustcut_86")


-Run .exe file



thrustcut_86.zip 11 MB
thrustcut_64.zip 12 MB
thrustcutwebgl.zip 4 MB

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